Roland XP10 Multitimbral Keyboard For Sale

Roland XP10 Keyboard


The Roland XP-10 multitimbral keyboard provides realistic acoustic sounds like pianos, trumpets and saxophones to synthesizer textures. The XP-10 is an entry level workstation synth that offers stunning sound quality that you truly have to hear to believe in a compact, lightweight design.



The XP-10s sound source offers full 28-voice polyphony, which means that 28 different notes can sound at once. This allows for lush orchestrations and complex sequences in everything from classical to rock music. The XP-10 also incorporates a 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, so all the nuances of your playing style are faithfully maintained.


Another impressive feature of the XP-10 is its 16-part multitimbral capability with 338 different Tones as well as 16 drum sets it features exciting rhythm sounds. Using an external sequencer, you can create a 16-part virtual orchestra all from the XP-10. (Full specs can be obtained on the Roland website).

I have owned the Roland XP-10 for around 20 years. It is fully working, in very good condition, comes with owners manual & a professional custom built flight case.

I am looking for 475 for the Roland XP-10 multitimbral keyboard with custom built flightcase.

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