Roland D70 Super LA Synthesizer

Roland D70 Super LA Synthesizer Keyboard For Sale




The Roland D70 is a weighted 76 note Super LA synthesizer which was produced in Japan in 1990. It features a 320 x 80 backlit LCD display, 30 voice polyphony, it is 6 part multitimbral (5 + 1 part percussion) & contains 128 patches, 128 tones. You can store 64 configurations of patch combinations as a performance set up & 10 user sets can each contain 5 performance set ups.





The D-70 is a wonderful synthesizer. Great features include 76 weighted keys, sound layering, and a very expressive aftertouch that captures the spirit of the classic D-50, and takes it to a new dimension.

The Roland D70 is a quality synth from a bygone era. Typical high quality multi-sampled PCM sounds include Brass, Guitars, Drums, Rhodes, Strings, Pianos, Organ patches, synth bass & lead sounds & also synth sounds such as: Ghosties, Prologue and SpaceDream which are masterpieces of synth sound design. The sounds in the ROM have a very punchy, full, "complete" sonic character that sound great even today. The on-board effects are also of very high quality.


Performance wise, the D70 has a good quality weighted 76 note keyboard in a sleek housing, and given its size, it is remarkably light. It is equipped with a large LCD display, to the left of which are 4 assignable faders. There is a fifth controller fader, labelled "C1" just above the pitch bender, in between the volume and brightness (filter cutoff) faders. The faders can be assigned in real-time to the following parameters: Level, Pan, Tuning, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, and Release, using the keypad to the left of fader 1. The four faders equate to the four tones that can be used to make up a patch. This gives the performer real-time tweakability for doing filter sweeps, changing the relative levels of tones (for drawbar-style effects), etc. As an added bonus, the faders send MIDI data...

...which makes the D70 an excellent master keyboard for MIDI setups. It has keyboard splitting and zoning options that you'd expect to find on master keyboards.


The D-70 also can read U220 series PCM cards, and has two PCM card slots on the rear of the unit, and also a RAM slot.

I purchased the Roland D70 around 1990 & paid 1799 for it.

The synthesizer is fully working, in good condition for its age & comes with user manuals, sales brochures & a custom built flight case. I am looking for 750 for this fabulous vintage keyboard.


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