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Schooner Bar Piano Bar Comments

Whilst performing on cruiseships many guests very kindly send me photographs & personnal comments of their memories of nights at the piano bar or Schooner Bar on Royal Caribbean Cruiseline ships. 

Thank you for those very kind comments, compliments & feedback. I would like to share a few of them with you:-

Tony B the piano player at the Schooner Bar was amazing with his voice, piano skills and music. 21-11-2016

We enjoyed Tony on the piano in the Schooner Bar. 21-11-2016

We enjoyed the piano man Tony B. 21-11-2016

Piano player Tony B was a great performer. His selections of songs was quite widespread. He is one of the best we have seen. 12-11-2016

I was delighted to see Tony B back in the piano lounge as we had him on a previous cruise & truly enjoyed him. 12-11-2016

We really enjoyed Tony B in the piano bar. He was so entertaining! You should promote him more so people know about him! 12-11-2016

We enjoyed the music in the Schooner Bar 12-11-2016

Tony B. is an exceptional entertainer 29-10-16

Tony B , who sang in the Schooner Bar, was wonderful 29-10-16

Thanks so much Tony B for making mine and Deborah’s Birthdays special.  We looked forward to seeing you at the piano bar every night! You are an amazing singer and entertainer. Look forward to seeing you on another cruise!! Darlene, Deborah, Cheri, Vicki and Audrey 2-10-16

Tony B put his heart into his entertaining which made our hearts pound with pleasure 24-9-16

Tony B was really great at the piano bar 24-9-16

We really enjoyed listening to Tony B 24-9-16

Hi Tony--Just wanted to say "Thank You" again. I really enjoyed hearing you play the piano and singing on our cruise. Kathleen (Grandeur of the Seas,  9-15-16 thru 9-24-16)

Tony, thank you for sharing your talent with us during our cruise. You made our cruise special! Steve 8-9-16

Tony B in the Schooner Bar made this cruise, loved him, a great entertainer 13-8-16

First shout out was to Tony B at the piano bar. He was outstanding & made the cruise for us! 13-8-16


Tony B makes cruisin' fun!! - Thank you so much for the wonderful times at the piano bar! It was such great fun! Hope to see you again sometime! Cheers!! Norm & Sally 29-9-15


Part of a letter sent to Royal Caribbean Executives & Administrators Tony-B, Piano Man: This may sound strange but Tony B is a great boon to Royal Caribbean because he's an "Old School" entertainer who believes his job is the enjoyment of his guests and not boosting his ego with their idol worship.  He creates an up close and personal level of entertainment not usually found on cruise ship. John 29-5-15

Tony, We wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed and appreciated the many marvelous evenings of fun, frolic and music you provided during our 27 days from Sydney to Vancouver on the Radiance.  You are truly an entertainer in the old meaning of the term when entertainment was all about the audience's enjoyment and not the entertainer's ego. I posted some photos of your show and your contact information on Cruise Critic. com today for any cruise critics who need a Tony B fix. John & Sharon 24-5-15

Hiya Tony, just to say thanks from one of the many people who were on the recent Radiance of the Seas cruise from Sydney to Vancouver, our names are Terry & Carmel Ashton (the pommy bloke from Manchester), we met many good friends in the Schooner bar and we count you among them, you certainly helped to make our cruise more enjoyable and it was nice to meet your good wife too, my wife said to tell you we often play your CD we purchased and she won't forget you, cheers, happy holiday from Carmel & Terry. 5-6-15

Comments returned to the Radiance after cruise  14-3-15 .....(3598) Tony B, who played in the Schooner Bar was, by far, our favourite. He certainly knows how to entertain guests with his singing, piano playing & wit. He deserves a special mention........(4503) Staff who made our vacation a very special & memorable one, who deserve a mention - Tony B, entertainer.

Hey Tony B, So miss the cruise ship we were on radiance of the seas sailing 31st jan 2015 we were the loud lot Brittany Chris Ryan and Sarah. we just wanted to say how awesome and good the entertainment was. Brittany 5-3-15

Comments returned to the Radiance after cruise  26-2-15 .......(Rm 7126) Outstanding performer/entertainer - Tony B..........(Rm 7108)  Tony B great all round entertainer.................(Rm 9606) The entertainer Tony B in the Schooner was very good................ (Rm 3048) We also very much enjoyed our time around the piano with Tony B, great fun 

Hi Tony, thank you for all the entertainment, laughs & memories. We all had so much fun sitting around the piano with our microphones, belting out tunes. Was a fantastic cruise & we all had so much fun. Tina 11-2-15

Comments returned to the Radiance after cruise 12-2-15.........(Rm 8628) Piano bar entertainer Tony B was very good....................(Rm 1100) Tony B in the piano bar was the best entertainment on the ship. Every night we ended up sitting at his piano singing along with him. He is very talented and funny, but he always took time to have a chat to us once the show was finished to see how our day was and what we had planned for the next day. No matter what other entertainment we went to and enjoyed each night, we always had time to listen to Tony B.

Hi Tony, thank you so much for your wonderful entertainment. Honestly, the last 3 nights in the Schooner Bar with you was the best in a cruise to me. What great memories to me. You are the great entertainer. Hopefully, we can see you in a cruise again. Thank you so much, Yoshi. PS My son Zac enjoyed your entertainment as well. 3-2-15

Comments returned to the Radiance after cruise 31-1-15............(Rm 9226) Tony B on the piano was fantastic & should be utilised more.............(Rm 4539) My partner and I just loved the entertainment of Tony B in the Schooner Bar. We were there most nights and he really made our holiday! This entertainer not only had a crowd of mixed ages (18 to 80) involved, he had the crowd interacting with each other! Brilliant, entertainment and wonderful memories. I will be looking out for another cruise with Tony B entertaining.

Comments returned to the Radiance after cruise 20-1-15.......(Rm 3526) Tony in Schooner Bar fantastic................(Rm 8058) Piano man, Tony B was the most fantastic entertainer in my life. I enjoyed very much his great sense of humour and great music.........(Rm 7578) I have to say a big thank you to Tony B the piano man. He made our nights very entertaining and so much fun........(Rm 7012) The piano player in the Schooner Bar was very entertaining.

Comments returned to the Radiance after cruise 13-1-15....(Rm7588) Tony B on the piano in the Schooner bar was lots of fun.........I loved Tony B in the Schooner Bar. He was a great sport on the entire cruise.........(Rm 8580) Tony B on the piano in the Schooner Bar was good fun and had a good variety to choose from even if people requested the same songs every night. 


Tony, we had such a wonderful time with you at the piano bar every night. Obviously Charleen knew we would enjoy being there...she probably didnt know we'd be regulars for the three nights! Hope to see you again next time. Cheers....happy holidays, the dancing girls. 21-2-14

Tony, We miss you! You were the highlight of our cruise this past weekend. From the Dancing Girls! 17-2-14

Hi Tony, What are the chances of you being on the Vision of the Seas in November, 2014?  You may not know at this point.  We have 8 of us travelling on a 9 day cruise in November and would love to have you "join our party"??? As always, Donna and I are still trying to find ways of running into you again!  Hope all is well!! Lisa 25-1-14

Hi Tony, We really enjoyed your music in the piano bar and have booked again for November !st. You may remember us you called us the dancing Queens. Hope you will be onboard as you helped make our trip a memorial occasion. Regards Yvonne 24-1-14

Hi Sweetie!  It's Linda from good old West Virginia!  We will be leaving on January 26th on the Adventure of the Seas.  Will you be playing on the ship?  I hope so!  Our group just loves you! Linda 6-1-14

We were part of the "horse head group" that sailed April 6, 2013.  That was the most fun we've ever had on a cruise.  Hoping to be able to see you again in the future  -- we're sailing Explorer in November 2014, and Independence in March 2014.  CHEERS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Susan McAdam 11-10-13

Hey Tony B!  Just wanted to thank you for entertaining us on the cruise! We had so much fun.  You were fabulous. Hope you are enjoying all of life and cruising! Take care Tony. Kristin & Julie 12-10-13  

Here are  the comments at the end of one cruise on the Legend of the seas............Susan Noon - "Schooner Bar piano player great".......Mary Edenfield - "Tony B is awesome"..........Jane Woodhead - "Tony B Excellent".........Edward Perlman - "Tony B was great"  Oct 2013

Comments at the end of 20-9-13 cruise on Legend of the seas ................Sally Davis - "Tony B at piano bar excellent" ..........Shirley Mills - "Tony B in the Schooner Bar provided great entertainment"............Jennifer Deane - "Tony B is an excellent entertainment musician, he sings all the best and is the life & soul of the Schooner Bar"................Nicola Lee - "Tony B  fantastic"..............Helen Harris - "Tony B fantastic entertainer, best entertainer on the ship by far"

Hi Tony, thanks for the fabulous nights singing along with you. I have had a ball. Jenny from Australia xxxx 19-9-2013

Hi Tony. Don’t know if you would remember me. Was cruising with you 11th to the 17th Aug, we are from Grimsby, 6 Brits together, in your bar. Just wanted to say Thanks for the music and the laughs you gave us all on our hols. We had a great time. Thanks again, Kind Regards, Peter Ramsey 28-8-13

Hey Tony, we cruised with you about 2 tears ago on the Adventure of the Seas. We went to the bar you were playing in every night of the cruise!. We are sailing on the same ship from Jan 26th thru Feb 2nd 2014. We are all wondering if you will be on the ship. That would make my vacation the best ever! We talk about you all the time! You really made our trip memorable! Linda 8-8-2013

I will be celebrating my 75th birthday next May and would love to be on the ship you are singing on. Please let us know your agenda for May 2014 please. We really enjoyed you......Marion and Donna 19-7-13 

Hello Tony, We were on a cruise a few years back and you were in the piano bar. We really enjoyed your music! My husband & I will be travelling to the Navigator in just over a week & wondered if we'll see you in the Schooner Bar. My girls still talk about you & how much fun they had listening to your music when we were on the Caribbean cruise. Fingers crossed you're on the Navigator :) You are such a breath of fresh air & so talented. I don't think, after you, there will be another one good enough for us! Kim 14-7-2013

Tony B...
Oh how we've missed you over the last 4 years! We met you on Jewel in the May of 2009.
We cruise 2 or 3 times a year and have never managed to bump into you since. We've not enjoyed a Schooner Bar since then We were chatting about you this morning, and wondered what you are up to this year?
We are on Independence in September and then have a honeymoon cruise on Adventure of the Seas in November transatlantic for a month.
Please tell us you are on one of these or what you're up to over the next year or so. We might make an effort to be on the same ship!
It would be awesome to see you again. Very kind regards, Jen and Clive x 30-6-2013


Hi Tony,
Hope you still remember me from the May 2, Cruise . I had a GREAT time. Hope to run into you again. CHEERS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Marcia 23-5-2013

HI Tony—We hope all is well with you and had such a great time with you on our March cruise. Thank you so much for finding our wedding song, and we won’t drive you nuts with it on our May 2 cruise. Look forward to seeing you. George & Donna 9-4-2013

Hi Tony
You may remember the Birkill family Natasha Katie, Ian & Christine. Like to thank you for
making our cruise so enjoyable. Glad to see you are still working with Royal Caribbean. They be daft
to lose you. Thanks again for making our holiday very enjoyable. All The Best, Ian Birkill & Family 30-3-2013

Hi Tony b, thank u 4 the great time we had in the piano bar, U made our holiday, hope u r keeping well, all the girls send their love. We have heard from a few friends from the piano bar. Take care Tony B and happy holidays, Elsie x 4-3-2013

Tony, Wanted to say thanks for providing so much fun at the piano bar on the ship the week of 2/17-23. My husband Stu and I had a blast (along with the Irish Lasses, they were a riot!).
Sending along a couple of pictures, great job! Thanks!, Joan & Stu 4-3-2013

Dear Piano Man,
I want to extend my thanks to you for the AWESOME time we had on our trip. The Schooner bar was the thing I looked forward to more than anything every night. Your talents for tickling the ivories and getting the room energized really made nights at Schooner something to look forward to. The dancing and clapping with the ladies of Eire made for an even better time! I can't thank you enough, and I hope our paths cross again very soon-we sail Royal Caribbean yearly. Thanks again!  Cheers and "Happy Holidays", Don McCann 27-2-2013

Hi Tony, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your singing last week on the explorer of the seas!....Your three women friends were totally loving you!... ANDREW GORDON 17-2-2013

Tony, here are some pictures from our cruise. We had a great time listening to you. Eilene and Lyn Baer  14-2-2013

Hi Tony, we will never forget your lovely voice & piano playing what a joy. We made some nice friends who loved to dance too, Gigi & her husband did a fine dance to your tunes as well as the singalongs, so thank you very much & we look forward to seeing you in the near future. All the best Sheila & the gang  25-1-2013


Hi Tony, Thanks for the excellent entertainment, the four of us who were celebrating my wife's & my forty years of marriage will never forget the songs that you did for us, in fact it was that good I gave you a fiver in the pint pot! That, coming from a Yorkshireman is a true accolade to your professionalism. Peter, Carole, Less & Fiona 18-11-12

Hi Tony, just found your website - many happy memories of Canaries Cruise 21/10/12 to 11/11/12, Mr Piano Man now implanted in my brain. Best wishes Fiona & Les 19-11-12

Tonyyyyyyy Tonyyyyyy Tonyyyyy, Yes, that's our chant to you after numerous attempts from yourself, to try to leave. You always gave us a few more songs. We were your backing singers with a few dancing girls. We had some great nights and have some fantastic memories. Thanks mate. Backing singers (well, we say singers) Sean, Chris, Steve, Gaz, Rich. Dancing Girls (Well, they say dancing) Becky, Clair, Louise, Rachael and Anj.          Independence of the seas 14-28/7/12

Hi Tony, here is the pic you requested plus 1 of the 4 of us thank you for such wonderful evenings of entertainment. Carol x (3-8-12)



Hi Tony, just wanted to send a few pics taken of you & us during the cruise. Thankyou for making our sing-a-longs the best fun, that was the best cruise ever!!!!
Maybe we will see you again on another cruise...who knows!!Evelyne (3-5-12)

Hi Tony
This is Dr John from the Top End Cruise 19/2 – 6/3 on the Radiance of the Seas
I just found your contact card, and had a look at your website
You certainly entertained us on the cruise when we needed it – love your work.
Cheers John Howell (8-5-12)

Hi Tony, We’ve been thinking abt u & wondering how ur going on the next leg of the trip, we thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Radiance & we wish you well!! Tony & Marianne (17-3-12)

Hi Tony, just got off a cruise with Radiance of the seas where you were playing in the Schooner Bar. Just letting you know what a great time I had each night watching you play the piano and singing. Your smiling face & very friendly nature made me look forward to seeing you after dinner each night. All the best love Robyn…(8-3-12)

Tony, So sorry to take so long to send you these photos and a thank you. Thank you for making our cruise vacation so fun and memorable. David and I so enjoyed singing and dancing with you in the Schooner Bar on the Serenade of the Seas. You are a truly amazing performer; it was so, so enjoyable, night after night!! We'll keep a watch on where you might be cruising next Fall. Would love to do it again!! We wish you all the best and hope we meet again, Angela Hutzenbuhler (29-1-12)


Tony, Have finally come up for air since getting back from our two week, back to back cruise on Serenade of the Seas. We of course had a wonderful time while at the Schooner Bar with you, it was the best part of the cruise for us. Take care, we look forward to seeing you again and will be listening to your music. Love, Phyllis and Jim Parkhurst (30/11/11)

Hi Tony, Selena here from the recent Serenade of the Seas sailing. Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful time at the piano bar! We had such a great time. Happy Travels!!! Selena (20/9/11)

Hola, My friends and me were in The Splendor of the Sea for the last two weeks. We missed you in the Scooner bar. You are the best. Maria (18/9/11)

Hi Tony !  It has been over 2 years since our trip on Navigator of the seas, and we would like to cruise again on one of your ships. Please let us know what you are doing cruise wise early 2012. We often think of you and what a good time we had!                                                                   
Elain, Vicky and Dawn , Kansas City, Missouri. USA

Tony Billinge playing piano in the Schooner Bar made every night  a fantastic experience. I found the Schooner Bar to be the only place to go after 10pm, not everyone wants to be part of a game or disco & Tony provided a welcome change of pace.       Jonathan Breese 26/8/11.

Hi Tony. It's Laura from last week's cruise. We are missing "piano bar sing alongs" already. We found "Hot Love by T-Rex" on ITunes but you sing it better. Bob is missing Country Roads; Kevin loved your Beatles melody and Debbie misses just being there. I didn't take any pictures to share with you but wanted to tell you how much fun we had because of you. If you ever think of selling CD's of your recordings, please let me know as I would be interested in purchasing one. We often get together with Debbie and Kevin for game night or cards and it would bring back such terrific memories of the cruise if we could listen to your music and sing along. Thank you sooooo much for a wonderful time. Sincerely,       Laura Allen (August 21, 2011 cruise)  

Hi Tony, Is it true, will you be in the Schooner Bar September 18-October 3rd? We have never cruised with you before, but I have read wonderful comments about you on Cruise Critic. Looking forward to “singing along” with you for a B2B cruise out of San Juan next month. Looking forward to meeting you. Chuck and Sherri Bridges

Tony Billinge is a superb pianist, we spent every evening listening & singing along with him. We found the Schooner Bar both relaxing & full of fun.                 Rosamund Breese 14/8/11

Hey Tony B. We were on a cruise with you in February from San Juan on the Adventure of the Sea. Just wanted to say hi and hope you're doing well. We're planning another cruise for next Feb. and we're hoping to catch up with you again. If you know where you will be in Feb. let us know. We had such a good time at the Schooner Bar with you. Where are you now? Again, hope things are well with you.                Gene & June


Hi Tony, (22/5/11)
It was beautiful evenings in the "Schooner Bar" with you at the piano on the transatlantic trip on the "Adventure of the Seas. You play wonderful piano and the music was exactly our taste.
Attached a picture of us and from you at the piano.
Best wishes and happy (next) holidays, Cheers
Ines und Frank, Germany, Thuringia
01.05.-14.05.2011, Adventures of the Seas

Hey Tony,
I hope you remember me.. I cruised with you from March 27th til April 3rd..Joleen and I had the best time and I hope to see you again (on a Carnival ship) in the future.. Keep in touch!!
Shelley (Carnival fan) (24-4-11)

Hey Tony!
Wonderful memories! Thank you so much for helping us celebrate! "Lady in Red", "Joy to the World", "Brown Eyed Girl" .. So much fun! I am attaching a few pictures. 
Thanks again, Debbie Tucker (The Lady in Red's sister) (18-4-11)

Tony B is definitely etched into our 50th Anniversary's memories! Over those 50 years we've sat at many a piano bar, but none as sparked with talent and excitement as yours! Our children - Lady In Red - Joy To The World - Sex Bomb - Russian Dance - Dancing - Happy Holladays ------We'll never forget it all. 
Thanks, Joy and Tom (Toddy ) Greer (14-4-11)

Hello Tony
I was at Schooners' piano bar a few nights while on a Royal Caribbean Cruise with the ship Adventure of the Sea. I truly enjoyed your music and you play piano beautifully. I just love music and dance! Those evenings with you were the highlight of my cruise, yes they were. You made an impression on me for sure.
Your Friend,
Diane Seguin Hare (14-4-11)

We really enjoyed your show on the Adventure! You helped to make my parents' 50th anniversary cruise an amazing experience for all. Perfecto.
Happy Hollidays!
-- Trey (Toddy and Joy's son) (10/4/11)

Hey Tony B....
Wanted to jot a note and tell you how very much we enjoyed getting to spend a few nights at 
your piano listening to your awesome piano playing and singing. It truly was a highlight of our 
trip and holds wonderful memories. You have a tremendous talent for getting people to "sing 
their hearts out!" and we truly enjoyed it. 
Attaching some pics for your website if you want. They are great memories for us! Hope to see 
you again someday on another great cruise!
Happy Holidays!!! :0)
The Maddens
Rodney, Tanya, Zach, Lacey, Blake, Haley and Darbey (3/4/11)

Hello Tony,
We've been home just over a week after our cruise on Adventure of the Seas and I wanted to 
write to say, again, how much we enjoyed your music in the Schooner Bar every night (except 
Wednesday - your night off) on the cruise. My daughters still are so incredibly impressed with the repertoire 
of music! You certainly added a lot of fun to our cruise.
Your friends in Mississauga, Canada
The Hatfield Family (1/4/11)

Hi Tony
What cruise ships will you be performing on this year. You made our trip a memorable one. We 
told all of our friends how much we enjoyed your music.They would like to check you out on 
their cruises. Hope it is Royal Carribean. 
Donna & Marion (28/3/11)

Hello Tony;
Thank you for all the great music and now the great memories!
Here are some pictures from our Cruise with you.
New York / New York!
Kim & Ken (17/3/11)

Hi Tony,
Thought you would like to have some photos of your back up dancers. We had a great time 
meeting you and really enjoyed hanging out when you were playing.
Hope we run into you on another cruise sometime.
Warmest Regards,
Lo (13/3/11)

Hey Tony 
We were on Adventure of the Sea Feb.6-13. We enjoyed the Schnoor Bar and listening to your 
music. We were with the group from Minn. the dancing girls. Gene and I are from SC and Dick 
and Shirley are from Canada. We wish you all the luck in the world.
Gene & June (27/2/11)

Dear Tony,
Thanks for a wonderful cruise! You will never guess who I ran into in the security line at the 
San Juan airport--Barbara and Charlotte! We again talked about how talented you are!!
I was suffering from piano bar withdrawal tonight and decided to look at your website. I loved 
hearing your voice again but there is nothing like hearing you in person.
Thanks for the wonderful memories,
Lorraine (22/2/11)

Hi Tony
We had a wonderful time and wish we had been there longer. The nights in the bar were great . I 
am sending the two photos. 
Hope we meet again in the near furure. 
Love Linda x (17/2/11)

Hello Tony, 
It's your friend, Karen, from South Boston. Hope you are well. Mary Ellen and I continue to 
reminisce about the laughs and wonderful fun we had singing with you alongside your piano.Seems 
like ages ago. 
All the best, piano man.
Karen Evans (7/2/11)

Hi Tony:
Here are a few photo`s from the Schooner Bar. Thanks for making our trip so much fun. We are 
ready to come back at any time! 
Take Care
Donna (5/2/11)


Happy New Year Tony....
we just jumped cruiselines and tried Celebrity, Soltice. Their piano bar had beautiful 
classical music, but after some champagne we needed more of a "Tony" piano bar and spoke to the 
Aussie's from Brillance
(Gail and Ian) and they also jumped ship and tried Celebrity and said the same.
Don't let this go to your head but we enjoyed your bar better than all others on Celebrity....
Hope all is well with you and have a wonderful 2011
Ron and Kathie Rusko ox (10/1/11)

hey tony!!!!! 
cool website you have i was able to re-live our cruise sort of. didnt see a recording for my 
favorite song. bohemian rapsody!!! yes its me steph miss seeing you every night after dinner. 
hope you are still partying!!!! every time i hear sweet caroline i can see you and brad 
singing.. lol we really had a great time. you are quite the entertainer. take care and 
hope to hear from you.. 
steph (16/11/10)

Hi, Tony
I was just thinking about the cruise Karen and I went on on the 2nd and how you and your music 
enhansed it so much.
You are a very personable individual with a mulitbale of extraordinary talents. Thank you for 
making my vacation better than I could have imagined. 
Maryellen (17/10/10)

Hi Tony, 
I must tell you how much fun we had every evening on our cruise. 
Neither Turkan or I usually feel comfortable in bars, but you were so talented, happy and fun 
we had a great time. We felt like we had known you for a long time.
I thought you were such a gentleman and adorable. 
I am now going to contact a few cruise lines to tell them how great you are for buisness. You 
were so friendly to the customers and taking requests made us all have so much fun. I hope to 
see you on another cruise. 
Take care, Krish (Lucrecia) Wathen (5/7/10)

Hi Tony, 
Just a quick note to say thanks once again for making our cruise holiday special over the last 
week. We had a fantastic time as your groupies, and are missing the sing-alongs already!
Enjoy the rest of your time on board.
Andy & Dawn (6/4/10)

Tony baby!
Thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed the cruise and of course the 
excellent entertainment.Karen went on to your web site and imagine our surprise when we read 
what distinguished company you've been keeping over the years,you'll have to tell us more about 
the Stevie Wonder thing but more impressive to me is the Auf Weidersen Pet episode! Look after 
yourself mate and I'll talk to you soon!!
Steve & Kaz (30/3/10)