Christmas Parties

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Parties & Christmas Party

Live music for parties, including birthday parties, aniversary parties & especially Christmas parties is guaranteed to make your party go with a swing. I will entertain your guests for the evening (or afternoon), or both with a variety of music from all genres, to suit all age groups & tastes.

I will play the piano, sing & entertain your guests with a selection of well know songs that everyone will know. I will supply my own electric piano, PA system & lights, if necessary, or if you have a piano of your own that you would like me to play, I can play that (as long as it has been tuned & is in concert pitch).

For Christmas parties I have Christmas carols & Christmas song sheets printed so that everyone can join in. I also have song sheets printed for a singalong if necessary. The music will consist of party classics, singalongs & various types of music for everyone to dance to & have a good time. You can even choose your own favourite songs if you wish & your guests can also request any songs in my repertoire.

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